About Us

The Alstone Textiles (India) Limited was originally incorporated on 25th May, 1985 as Shalini Holdings Limited.The Shares of the Company are listed with Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE), Delhi Stock Exchange Limited and Ahmedabad Stock Exchange Limited (ASE). The name of the Company was changed from Alstone Textiles(India) Ltd. (formerly Known as Shalini Holdings Ltd) on 23rd September, 2015.

Initial the company was incorporated with main object of Textiles Including Cotton, Woollen, Art Silk, Natural Silk, Readymade Garments, Hosiery, Synthetics Fiber and Fabric and Mixed Fabrics.Alstone Textiles (India) Limited is poised for rapid growth. Unique Experience and insight of its Management allows the company to discover new opportunities and reveal their true potential. Growth and money cannot sustain an organization for as long as uniqueness and excellence can. Keeping this in mind Alstone Textiles (India) Limited delivers value and commitment based on highest professional standards.

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